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Dots Flannel Purple/Yellow Flannel 140-1434

Duck Flannel 140-1421 Blue/Yellow

Plaid Flannel Blue F1824-B

Dots Flannel Pink/Lime 140-1432

Flannel Solid F019-1387 White

Flannel Solid F019-1370 Tangerine

Mumbo Jumbo Flannel Paisley R388623 0211 Red Multi

Mumbo Jumbo Flannel Stripe R388600 0220 Multi

Cozy - Kensington Flannel 21700-OFLN Orange

Rocks & Leaves Flannel CF5580 Brown/Gray

Autumn Leaves Flannel F1845 H Green

Solid Fluffy Flannel Pastel Green

Comfy Mint Flannel

Comfy Pink Flannel

Woodwinds Flannel 3174 0233 Gold/Red Rust

Starlight Flannel 5773 Pink

Plaid Flannel F1824 S Yellow

Wavy Circles Flannel F1804 B Blue

Wavy Circles Flannel F1804 G Green

Tossed Floral Flannel 389FB 41 Willow

Let It Snow Flannel Panel 1080 Multi

Let It Snow Flannel 1083-4 Cream/Dk Red

Let It Snow Flannel 1082-2 Dk Red

Heart & Home Flannel F18159-JS Dark Brown

Big Dots Flannel 31603-7 Cream/Tan

Stonehenge Flannel F3938 22 Violet/Purple

Flannel Elements (Big Dots) 31603-4 Beige

Flannel Elements (Buffalo Plaid) 31606-1 White

Flannel Elements (Buffalo Plaid) 31606-5 Black

108" Wide Flannel Backing - Scrolls RI-9008 9 Red/Black

108" Wide Flannel Backing - Scrolling Vines RI-9012 4 Green

Swingin' On A Star Flannel Panel 29611 132 Pink

Swingin' On A Star Flannel Panel 29611 142 Blue

Shadowplay Flannel F513-SW Buttercup

Mayfair Flannel 0119 001 Black/Dk Gray

Town and Country Flannel F2276 35 Tan Stripe

Just Ducky Flannel 1724A 800 Multi

Jewel Tone Ball Flannel 9411F 38 Bronze

Wildlife Camping Flannel F3001-3 Cream

Campfire and Marshmallows Flannel F3002-3 Cream

Jeweltone Ball Flannel 9413F 40 Bright Green

Dinosaur Flannel Panel Bart-CF4741 Bright Multi

Tracking White Tail Flannel TRO 1002-3 Blue

Princess and Frogs in Squares Flannel F1011-5 Pink

Princess and Frogs Flannel F1012-11 Lime

Lilac Flannel

Dinosaur Stripe Flannel F2003-6 Blue

Green Sachet Flannel F616-265D Green

Springtime Flannel BEN1251F-40 Green

Springtime Flannel BEN1251F-50 Blue

Springtime Flannel BEN0801F-42 Green

Fleurish Flannel F1090-135 Pink

Floret Flannel F4316RUB Ruby

Floret Flannel F4316TOP Topaz

Up, Up and Away Flannel Panel TRO-940 Multi

Humpty Dumpty Flannel Panel KH-CF3264-Pastel

Rose Petal Cottage Flannel F2118 30 Beige/Multi

Shadowplay Flannel 513-R14 Oxblood

Americana Jacobean Stripe Flannel F2854 Multi

Americana Ditsy Floral Flannel F2857 Navy

Americana Monotone Floral Flannel F2859 Blue

Americana Ticking Stripe Flannel F2858 Navy

Americana Jacobean Floral Flannel F2855 Navy

Americana Sprigs Flannel F2860 Red

Quilters Flannel Blue


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