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Holiday Flourish APTM-7910-62 Indigo

Teddy's Christmas Eve Panel 45767-R Multi

Teddy's Christmas Eve Stripe 45770-RN Red/Navy

City Girl Holiday Ribbon Stripe 02562 12 Blk/Grn

City Girl Holiday Ornaments 02561 12 Black

City Girl Holiday Poinsettia 02560 55 Teal

The 12 Days of Christmas Panel 24019 243 Multi

Xmas Winter Wonderland Apron Panel 114A03901 Multi

Angels On High Panel 24029 147 Multi

Angels On High Tree Skirt 58/60" 12017 471 Multi

The Georgette Christmas 30801-1 Cream

The Georgette Christmas 30798-2 Cream

The Georgette Christmas 30803-2 Cream

The Georgette Christmas 30799-2 Cream

A Ghastlie Holiday 7834/AR Smoke

A Ghastlie Web 7835/DR Mauve

Blessed Child Book Panel 2397 V7335 R Multi

Holiday Flourish 3 APTM-9746-199 Antique

Holiday Flourish 3 APTM-9747-87 Snow

Holiday Flourish 3 APTM-9159-217 Glacier

Holiday Flourish 3 APTM-9752-87 Snow

Holiday Flourish 3 APTM-9752-15 Ivory

Holiday Flourish 3 APTM-9754-87 Snow

Holiday Flourish 3 APTM-9159-14 Natural

Holiday Flourish 3 APTM-9753-217 Glacier

Holiday Flourish 3 APTM-9752-2 Black

Winter Wonderland Holly 3WW 2 Taupe

Winter Wonderland Border Stripe 1WW 2M

Winter Wonderland Collage 2WW 2M Blue

Christmas Traditions Panel 21595 RE Red/Grn/Crm

Christmas Traditions Border Stripe 21598-ER Multi

Christmas Traditions 21599-G Green/White

Christmas Traditions 21600-E Cream

Christmas Traditions 21600-G Green

Christmas Traditions Roses 21601-E Cream/Red

Christmas Traditions 21600-M Red

Christmas Traditions Script 21602-A Gold/Tan/Brown

Christmas Traditions Script 21602-E Crm/Tan/Brwn

Christmas Traditions 21621-G Green

Christmas Traditions 21621-R Red

Christmas Traditions 21629-A Gold/Multi

Christmas Traditions 21629-G Green/Multi

Christmas Traditions Apples 21630-E Cream/Red

Christmas Traditions Apples 21630-J Charcoal/Red

Wonders of Winter 2540M 12 Cream/Red

Jinny Beyer Holiday Treasures 0778 004 Purple/Violet

Holiday Celebrations Y0804-4M Red Metallic

Holiday Celebrations Y0803-28M Dk Purple

Holiday Celebrations Y0802-24M Olive Metallic

Choir of Angels Panel 0232712B Multi

French Berries DM4955 Holl

Snowfall CX4644 White

French Poinsetta DM4953 Holly

French Filligree DM4954 Garland

Mod Holiday CX4924 Multi

Noel Tiny Holly 114-20216 Sage

Peanuts Christmas Time Blocks Panel 22152-RN Red Multi

Peanuts Christmas Time Snoopy Dog House 22154-A Tan

Peanuts Christmas Time Tree 22157-Z White

Holiday Treasures Med Floral 89130-317W Red Multi

Holiday Treasures Med Floral 89130-237W Cream

Holiday Treasures Panel 89127-937W Black/Red

Funny Santas Panel 83028 417W Blue Multi

Christmas at Home Candy Cane74013 713S Green/Red

Christmas at Home Candy Cane74013 317S Red/Green

Christmas at Home Snowflake Toss 74011 121S Ivory

Christmas at Home Snowflake Toss 74011 331S Red

Christmas at Home Small Holiday Stripe 89132 912W Cream Multi

Christmas at Home Small Holiday Stripe 89132 713W Green Multi

Christmas at Home Small Holiday Stripe 74009 317S Red Multi

Away in a Manger 45747-E Ecru

Away in a Manger Stained Glass 45746-R Red

Festival of Lights 45687-Z White/Blue

Festival of Lights Star of David 45685-Z White Blue

Festival of Lights Dreidel & Menorah Toss 45686-B Powder Blue

Holiday Magic Lrg Poinsettia Paisley 45304-JR Black/Red

Holiday Magic Birds 45306-J Black Multi

Holiday Magic Packed Holly 45707-J Green/Red

Holiday Magic Poinsettia Filigree 45703-J Black/Red

Doggie Holiday Dotted Stripe (What's Cookin) 21542-Z White/Black

Doggie Holiday Allover Patch Panel 22124-JR Black/Red

Doggie Holiday Fun Toss 22125-G Green

Doggie Holiday Bones Toss 22127-J Black/White

Doggie Holiday Bones Toss 22127-F Green

Doggie Holiday DoggieToss 22126-Z White

Doggie Holiday Doggie Toss 22126-J Black


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